Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Day Before My "Stop Date"

I’m out the door heading to my favorite shopping center to get all the items that I think I will need for my stop date. Thanks to planning ahead I already have most of the items.

Gonna check off my list to make sure I’m ready to go.

Support Group ~ Check
Money to go to Christmas Club ~ Check
Collect all the ashtrays ~ I will do before going to bed.
Collect all the lighters ~ I will do before going to bed.
Candy ~ Check
Ashtray in Truck Cleaned Out and Filled with Candy ~ Have to do.
Post-It-Notes for Encouragement ~ Check
Journal/Log ~ Check
Rewrite My List of Why I Want to Quit in Journal ~ Have to do.
Water ~ Check
Fabreeze to Spray clothes, curtains, furniture, carpet ~ Check
Accountability Person ~ Check
Candy in visible places, cigarette case, and purse ~ Check
Looked into Local Support Classes ~ Check
Rewrite Letter to Myself in Journal ~ Darn it… still have to do.
Praying ~ Big Fat Yes on That One!
Turning it Over to God ~ Working on.

First thing to do in the morning of my “Stop Date.”

Put on Patch (I have cleared this with my doctor.)
Crumble Those Cigarettes!
Fabreeze the closets, drawers, house.
Make a log in my journal.

I think that pretty well covers it. I'm not going to smell that stale smoke or cough during a breath. I'm ready for a new life. I am going to write some Affirmations tonight. Now if my feller gives me a kiss for good luck there isn’t any way I can’t do this!

Ready or not world…here I come!

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