Monday, January 11, 2010

I've Decided To STOP SMOKING Day Two

O.K. I've decided to stop what? Once again I pull out pen and paper and begin to make a list of what I think I need to do to stop smoking.

The very first thing on my list was to pick a stop date. Did I just write that? Am I truly going to commit to this? After pondering a moment, I felt a resounding "YES!" come from deep within me.

Look at your list! You know why you want to do this... now commit and do it!

I really want to stop smoking this time. I stopped what I was doing, looked at a calendar and talked to myself.

For me I like the number 13. I thought about my cigarette reserve and knew I could have them totally out of the house by the 13th of January.

What I didn't smoke between now and then, I could give to someone. Since a cigarette isn't anybody's friend, I thought of a better ideal. I would crumble each left over cigarette into a jar. As I crumble these false friends, I would say, "Your one less chemical in my body that I just don't need! I'm NOT going to let you Kill me!"

(I plan on keeping this jar in eyes view. It will serve me as a reminder to why and what I am doing. I will use it as a tool to help me obtain my goal. I am telling myself right now how much I am going to enjoy crumbling each and every one of them. Instead of looking at it like a waste of money...they were a waste of life!)

Shew! A lot of emotional things had just happened. In a course of minutes I had: Decided to stop smoking * Picked a start date * Committed myself to make a change * and had my "accountability person" there for me.

Now on to the "List of Things To Do!" Here are some of the things I placed on my list: Throw away ashtrays * Throw away lighters * Get Candy* Buy Water * Buy Fabreeze * Buy a Journal/Log * Post-It-Notes * Wash out truck ashtray and place candy in it * Put candy/gum in my purse and cigarette case * Go to bank and place cigarette money into Christmas Club (so I can't touch it) *Check into Support (internet, phone and local classes) * Do I need medication?

From that list I went straight into my second list of the day. "What are some of the things I can do instead of smoke?"

For each person this will be different. Some basic ideas I placed on my list were: Play/Pet Annabell * Take A Walk * PRAY * Read * Go somewhere that didn't allow smoking * call a friend * Drink Water then a Great Dr. Pepper * Spend more time with boys, family, and of course Jon. * Get ready to turn this over to God * Write!

I am going to make another post on some more ideals of the "Most Important Things I Can Do To Stop Smoking."

But for day two, if your going to follow along with me, here is what I suggest you do. 1) Pick A Start Date. 2) Make A List of What You Need To Do. 3) Make a List of What You Can Do Instead of Smoking.

That's it! Make your list and get ready. I feel this is going to be one heck of a ride!

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  1. Wishing you lots of strength today. You can do it!!! Kim Storms


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