Sunday, January 10, 2010

I've Decided To STOP SMOKING Day One

Wow! What a decision this is for me. I have been smoking for years and really enjoy it. I have even tried to stop once or twice with friends and family "quilting" me into it. It didn't work for me. Oh, it did for awhile, but in the long run I was sneaking a smoke, then smoking in certain places, back to full force smoking.

What do I think will be different this time? I want to quit! (I know! duh!) I don't want to quit because my kids are looking at me with hurtful eyes when I fail and smoke. I don't want to quit because my boyfriend told me, "I want to live a long and healthy life with you.

I don't even want to quit because my mother has offered me cash if I would stop. This time I am going to do it for me. Even though I enjoy a good cigarette, I began to think and feel - not how my smoking was affecting others but how it was affecting me. How was it affecting my life? Me...Personally.

I decided I would create a list on why I wanted to stop. It was incredible! Once I started, I filled up two pages and could have kept on going. Then I stopped and wondered to myself, "What in the world are you doing? You know you need to do this, but it is going to be hard."

So I decided the "LIST" would be my inspiration, my drive and my hope. I know I can do this, but I had to do it for me.

What kind of things did I place on my list? Of course there was the usual, how much money I would save, how I didn't like the cough that came when I smoked, (my health) how I missed the taste of good food and a great Dr. Pepper. I thought about how I wasn't being a good example. And since I am a Christian, this isn't something that Jesus would do. I really can't see Jesus standing anywhere and pulling out a cig and lighting it up. When I see that picture in my mind, I can't help but laugh.

Wanting to really stop this time, I figured that I would hold myself accountable to one person. That one person would not judge me, but encourage me. I wouldn't have to see the disappointment in my children’s, mother's, or even boyfriend's eyes should I break down and smoke a cigarette.

So on this first day, I decided to do two things; create a list and understand why I wanted to quit and second, make myself accountable to one person.

When I called my accountability person (someone who had just quit themselves) they gave me the best reason that I would have never thought about placing on my list. Simply put, a cigarette is NOT MY FRIEND! A friend would not try to kill you!

Well my journey has just begun. I hope you will join me in my trip and if you also want to stop smoking... make that list and hold yourself accountable to one person. That's all I want us to do on this first day of our journey.

I look forward to sharing with you my trials and triumphs! But most of all I look forward to improving me!

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