Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Important Items For Any "Wanting To Quit Smoking List"

As you get to know me you will find that I am a big fan of making list. I like the fact that I came up with my own thoughts and feelings. Even more important is that I can always have something to refer back on and add to as time passes.

There are a few items that I briefly wanted to touch on "Wanting to Quit Smoking List." I feel they are very useful tools in our constant struggle to be an EX-Smoker. I hope you will consider adding these items to your own list.

Back Date a Letter to Yourself
Sounds funny doesn't it? The truth of the matter is our brain believes what we tell it to believe. So take out a pen and paper and address it however you would like. (Address it to me if you want.)

Now date the letter a year behind your stop date. For example, my stop date is January 13, 2010. So the date on my own letter will be January 13, 2009.

Be as specific as you can in your letter. State what you feel like your trials will be and how you overcame them. Write to yourself as if your already a Non-Smoker.

Things you might want to consider putting in your letter would be: (First and Foremost) How wonderful it feels to be a Non-Smoker! * When were your trigger times? * What you did instead of smoking during those times. * How did you Rewarded yourself when you accomplished a set time frame without smoking? * How you felt when you slipped and took a puff. * How you felt when you began again. * Who was your support group? * Who was your accountability person/persons? * How did they help you?

You get the picture. Write a success letter to yourself! How wonderful it is to know that your already a Non-Smoker!

Keep A Journal/Log
Keeping a journal or log will help you in many ways. As days pass, it will remind you on how GREAT you are doing! If need be, write it hour by hour and state how you feel. Look back at it, even if it has only been one day and tell yourself, "I am Awesome! Look at me, I can do this!"

Remember a craving will probably only last 2 to 3 minutes. Have your list, journal/log, and support waiting in the wings. Plan ahead and have a few ideals on what your going to do when a "craving" hits.

If you should "stumble" write about it! How did it make you feel? Good at the time, but horrible now? Did it make you feel guilty or question yourself on if you can really do this? Whatever it is journal/log it. But please remember to be kind to yourself. Realize it is in your power at that moment to write about it and then change your actions. Get back up there on that horse and ride again!

At the end of the day, before you go to sleep, end on a positive note. Maybe a quote, an affirmation, a poem, something that makes you feel good.

Have A Support Group Ready
I have listed a full post on nothing but resources for you. Internet sites, phone numbers, and how to find local support groups in your area. There are many more out there, so Google it to find the information you like.

Family, friends, and co-workers will be a great support if you chose to make yourself open to what you are doing. (In fact, one web site has free e-cards you can send and receive to help you in your quest. If I found one, I know there are many more out there for you to find!) I have an "accountability" person in my life ready 24 hours a day. (As I think about it... I have a whole web holding me accountable. lol) You may not have this in your life, and need to have many local support people and sites. Do whatever it takes...but USE THEM!

Turn It Over To God!
I don't have a clue in what or who you believe, a Higher Power or nothing at all. But to me, this is a "MUST HAVE" for my list. I believe in the Power of Prayer and probably will be doing quite a bit of it!

I also believe in God's Promises. Philippians 4:13 King James Version of the Bible states,
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

I plan on praying when I arise in the morning, when a craving hits, and before I go to sleep. My prayer will be that He will see me through this and I will become stronger because of it. If you have never read the poem "Broken Dreams" please do so. How can we expect God to fix anything if we won't lay it down and leave it?

I don't know if this blog may have helped you or not. But it has helped me. I understand why these items are so important to "My List." They may not be important to yours. It's fine if they aren't, just know why "Your List" is important!

Looking forward to the journey ahead with you!

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