Monday, January 18, 2010


Since having a brand new puppy, (Born October 31, 2009) I’ve thought about and now dreamt about the life of a puppy~dog. Oh how life would be! I know it sounds silly but it really would be a great life.

As a puppy~dog, life would be grand. I would wake up when I wanted to and be taken to “the potty place.” If I should be successful, praise and a treat would be given to me.

Magically, a bowl of food and water would appear. I would eat to my hearts content, while my dear one looked lovingly down at me and protected me.

After filling my belly, it would be off to play. Attacking, pouncing, biting, any of my favorite toys. Play! Play! Play! I would, while my dear one watched. I can hear their laughter and an occasional, “NO!”

I would then focus my attention on them. As I approached my dear one, I would jump, bark, and wag my tail. “Pick me up! Show me some attention. Praise and pet me. Tell me how great I am!”

I would be greeted with a loving, gentle hand and a warm sweet voice. Maybe, if I am lucky, my dear one holding me would lull me to sleep with a song.

After being held and feeling contentment, I would be placed on my own pillow. There, I would be surrounded by the things I loved. Off to sleep I would go, chasing an unseen rabbit. I would bark and run in my dreams, and to the surprise of my dear one, a jolly laugh would come out of them. I would be living my dreams out before them.

After awaking, I would stretch as far as I could, lick my lips, then a fine bark. I want my dear one to know I am here; awake, ready for the routine to begin again.

I would bark for the sheer pleasure of barking. A deep, solid, within bark that shouts, “I may be small but I am here!”

Throughout the day praise, petting and treats would come my way. Most of all, I would feel the love my dear one gives.

I would soak the love up and show my unconditional love by kissing, licking, nuzzling (with my cold icy nose), and wagging my pretty little tail. Sometimes, I would sigh while laying my head down in some soft corner of my dear ones shoulder or arms.

Of course, every now and then a sharp high voice would say, “NO!”

I would understand the word, mostly by the pitch, and know to stop what I was doing. After all, I am a puppy~dog. I would have to learn my boundaries.

My successes would be met with love, praise and treats. A sharp “NO” would state my inappropriate behavior!

I would then try again to please my dear one.

I am a smart puppy~dog. You would be able to tell by my response to one-word commands. Even when I choose to be stubborn, my dear one would love me...unconditionally.

As I see my dear one starts to slow down and head for their slumber, I too slow down. I would look at my safe place. A place no one could fit in but me. Here is where I would go when I feel like being alone.

My safe place would be inviting, warm and soft. I like soft.

But wait! What is this? My dear one is picking me up to slumber in their soft place.

“Yes! Tonight is my night!”

I would crawl under the covers and run my cold nose down my dear ones body, finally deciding on my resting spot. I shall awake in the morning and show my appreciation. I will not awake my dear one with a bark, but with my puppy~dog kisses!

Oh, how it would be to be a puppy~dog. I would be greeted each day with praise, acceptance, petting, soft voice, and gentle hands. To be held simply because I wanted to be. To bring my dear one happiness, and understand what they want by simple words. Know all my failures are forgotten and I am free to try over and over.

Be rewarded for things I do right, and the voice to bark. What wonderful feelings these would be! Most of all, I would have the ability to give and receive unconditional love!

Yes, I have thought it over... I WANT TO BE A PUPPY~DOG!!

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